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Learn Social Argentine Tango with Avi & Cecilia
in Riverside or Chino, California


  • Sandra, Redlands
    I always have fun, just haven't walked that much in a long time======especially backward===and in heels . I will be back :)

    Working with Avi and Cecelia is fabulous!! Patient, humorous and very clear instructions! So glad I found this teacher!!

  • Brenda, Riverside
    I like the instructors' approach of teaching the fundamentals so that a person can dance in any situation.
    I also like that they are gentle on beginners' fragile egos. :-)"

  • Carol Upland
    Great instructors. The goal is to dance Tango not just perform steps and patterns. Avi and Cecilia pay attention to each student and to the details. This helps each student progress at their own pace. I look forward to each class and encourage all who are interested in Tango to attend. Once you take a class you will be back.

  • Carmen, Diamond Bar
    These classes are amazing! The teachers are so patient with everyone, especially guys, and especially guys like my husband who aren't particularly sure they can learn tango. I can't imagine anyone being more welcoming to beginners and more advanced students alike. We are now on our second class and really enjoying it. Also it is appropriate for people of all ages and there is a good mix, not just young people or older people. Try it! You'll be hooked!

  • Ginnie, Brea
    Avi and Cecilia are great instructors. Although it is a group class, they give individual attention to their students.
    The instruction begins with learning the basics and then leads into learning the steps. It's great exercise and a lot of fun. Think about trying something new.

  • Joseph, San Bernardino
    After looking around for several months and trying Argentine Tango lessons at multiple places I came across these folks about a year ago. The teaching style they use suits me very well. There classes are fun and challenging.

    They are a man and women teaching team. Which seems to add to the teaching experience. Each gender gives direct and indirect input. This has been helpful to me.

    The focus of the classes are to prepare men and women for the role each plays in the exciting world of Argentine Tango. Rote teaching of steps or moves are not the way these folks work. They teach how to dance Argentine Tango in the social dancing Milonga environment that it is found here locally. Which is significantly different and much more rewarding than the teaching styles that I had experienced elsewhere.

    If you have a real interest in learning how to dance Tango. Avi and Cecelia can give you all you need to succeed from the teaching aspect.

  • Pat, Redlands
    These classes are really fun and useful. Avi and Cecelia have a number of innovative teaching techniques that show you how your body needs to be positioned in order to do the fundamental steps as well as you can. The fundamentals are the key and each class reviews and builds on them.

    I particularly appreciate the attention to listening to and making an effort to interpret the music. It is true that you can have all the fanciest moves in the world and still dance bad tango. They are very encouraging and dedicated to their student's improvement.

  • Catherine, Riverside
    I had the BEST time! The group had a wide range of levels but was easy to fit in and so much fun...The instructors were great and gave good advice that you would need to actually go out in the real world and Tango. Can't wait to learn more!"

  • Teddy, Riverside
    It was a great first lesson. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  • John, Moreno Valley
    This is my second time taking the Introductory Class to Tango.
    I have enjoyed both sessions. The class flows nicely.
    The steps easy, yet with enough complexity that it really makes the mind think.
    Cecilia and Avi are good instructors, with a adorable sense of humor.
    I will be taking this class come 2012. I highly recommend it!

  • Brian, Moreno Valley
    Avi and Cecilia are wonderful instructors and can even show a student with 2 left feet (like myself) how to look smooth on the dance floor. Thank you both!

  • Maria, Riverside
    "I had a marvelous time. Especially, when Avi and Cecilia honored us with a dance. So beautiful. Everyone could feel the love and passion."

  • Joseph, Chino
    "Enjoyed the lesson very much and I will attend as often as possible, trying to get a few more women to join me.""

  • Christi, Perris,
    Dance Tango is a wonderful place to take Tango lessons!
    Avi and Cecilia are wonderful teachers and we have enjoyed taking their classes so much!

  • Johnatan, Fontana
    I took the introductory course with my girlfriend. We're now enrolled in the next course.
    Avi and Cecilia make the class enjoyable with humor and patience . Everyone in the course is friendly - like a gathering of friends more than a class.
    The course may seem slow at first, but they spend the time on the most important aspects:
    the fundamentals - something that really pays off once you get to the later lessons. If you're hoping to learn flashy tango like you see on dancing with the stars, go elsewhere, this class is for genuine Argentine tango. The type where you dance all night in dance halls full of other tango-ers.

    I'm glad my girlfriend's mother got us our first lessons as a gift, my girlfriend and I are really enjoying ourselves.

  • Taryn, Riverside
    Only three weeks in to the introductory Tango class, but it's pretty fun!
    There's a good mix of easy things to build our confidence/skill level and a few more complicated things to keep us interested. Cecilia and Avi definitely know what they're talking about, and they dance beautifully.

  • Anonymous, Riverside
    The teachers make you feel that they really want you to learn the right way. They are very patient and make you feel at ease.

  • Ashley, Beaumont
    Great instructors and the class is alot of fun!!!
    I've already learned alot and only taken a few classes.
    Highly recommend to anyone looking to learn tango and have some fun!!

  • Bruno, Riverside
    About our Outdoor Milonga:
    "Very nice and cool event, great and friendly people, nice organization,
    I would definitively recommend this event."

  • Lynn, Redlands
    Lots of fun! Avi & Cecelia are great teachers & honestly care. They make the class fun & spend lots of one on one time w/ everyone. The other people in the class are great. We all seem to learn at different rates but we have a great time & help each other.

  • Kristina, Riverside
    My boyfriend and I took their Beginner Tango course in Riverside - we loved it.
    The instructors honestly make learning the basic steps simple, easy to remember, and always make time to provide individual appraisal.

    We've never taken a dance class despite years of discussing it because we're both in our 20's and dreaded being trapped in a stuffy classroom. This was by far not the case here.
    Their classroom is vibrant, focused, and energetic. We all find time to laugh though working
    from start to finish.
    Avi & Cecilia are warm, quick to elucidate, and patient. Significant for me was the encouragement as they monitor your progress to remind you that you're doing this to enjoy yourself, even if a step is hard at first.

    After finishing the beginner class we're taking Advanced. Though we could comfortably walk the floor of a Milonga now and dance to the music.

  • Classes usually run a little longer than an hour, once a week.
  • Students range in age from early 20's to early 50's.
  • You're joined by about 10 people, and you alternate partners throughout the class. This will draw a sigh at first, but proves *very* useful.
  • You *can* take the class on your own, or as friends. The partner rotation accommodates for this.
  • You learn a sequence of steps each class, building a repertoire of movement that you can use as you please on the floor.

    You won't regret taking this class. The instructors are fabulous.

    Be warned though, you might break into spontaneous dance in supermarkets after you start. Or maybe that was just us.